"When Apache is compiled with SuPhp security feature you can't send php commands via the .htaccess file. Go to: http://www.suphp.org/FAQ.html and read their FAQ and browse their site for more information about other SuPhp issues

suPHP does not support the php_value/php_admin_value directive known by mod_php to parse configuration options to scripts for certain virtual hosts or directories. However there is a PECL extension named htscanner that can be used with PHP CGI (called by suPHP) to parse such options being present in .htaccess files. Be sure to take a look at the README file provided with the htscanner distribution on how to make Apache ignore the php_value directives in .htaccess files instead of throwing an error."

Kepada pelanggan yang menghadapi masalah 500 internet server error, sila periksa fail .htaccess anda, jika terdapat kod seperti:

php_value... sila comment atau buang kod berkenaan didalam file .htaccess anda, masalah 500 internal server error akan selesai.

Perkara ini berlaku kerana kami telah upgrade server kami menggunakan suPHP, ini membuatkan server kami lebih selamat/secured untuk menggunakan skrip PHP. Langkah keselamatan ini amatlah penting untuk keselamatan server kami dan halaman web pelanggan-pelanggan kami.

Jika anda masih menghadapi masalah, sila hubungi En Yasir 013-6065-101

Terima Kasih & Selamat Maju Jaya.

Jumaat, April 23, 2010

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