Access your Email from ANY Computer using WebMail

Use Web-Mail to send / receive email from any computer in the world with an internet connection. The interface is similar to Yahoo and Hotmail, with more features. You get 2 Web-Mail Programs:

There are 2 Ways to to Access your WebMail Programs:

1) From inside your Control Panel

  • Login to Cpanel
    > enter in your Username
    > enter in your Password
  • Once inside your Cpanel click on the cPanel's EMAIL Functions Icon Icon
  • Click on link
  • Click onRead WebMailfor the email account you want to access
  • Enter the Password for that Email Account and click the Login button
  • Choose which WebMail Program to use

2) Directly, without Control Panel

To access any POP3 email account:
> Login: username = full email address
> Password : the password for that email account


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