Network congested on 12/11/2009 and 13/11/2009

Dear Valued Customer, We would like to apologise because we're facing network congested on 12/11/2009 and 13/11/2009 between 4am to 10am and it cause all our client account are unaccesable and slow loading, the reason that happen because of UDP DOS Attack for Illegal Outbound activity via our client account. This happen due to easy user ... Baca Lagi »

15th Nov 2009
Server Status as at 22 Janaury 2008

Dear valued customers,Salam,  Firsty we would like to deeply apologize for the inconvinience caused occured during the past 2 days regarding our hosting services due to technical problems at our data center. Since our migration excercise process took place 2 weeks ago all of our system were functioning normally untill 2am, 20th January 2008 ... Baca Lagi »

22nd Jan 2008
SECOND phase server migration to new server

Good afternoon all and salam,   We would like to inform to all users that we are currently on the second phase of data migration to our new servers. All current users will experience a more faster and reliable service with our new server specifications. Below is our new server specification:  Intell Quad Core Dual Xeon Processors ... Baca Lagi »

9th Jan 2008
MIGRATION of new servers this New Year

Hello to all and wassalam, Firstly we would like to thank to all our valued customers for giving us the opportunity to host your site and entrusting us with your valued data. With this coming new year we will be installing our new state of the art servers to ensure better services for all. During this migration process please ensure that ... Baca Lagi »

8th Jan 2008
Important Annoucement From SumberTerbuka Hosting's Clients!

UTDC Hosting Web & Email Hosting System Message: To All Our Valued UTDC & SumberTerbuka Hosting Customer (Linux Package User only) Please be informed that we have successfully upgraded all our linux server to the new server. We apologise for any disturbance in the upgrading process. All SumberTerbuka Hosting Customers will ... Baca Lagi »

22nd Mei 2007
Hosting Migration in Progress!

Kami sedang menjalankan proses pemindahan kesemua data pelanggan-pelanggan kami ke dalam server baru.

Semoga semua pelanggan kami menikmati kelajuan server baru dengan kepuasan yang maksima.

Ceria2 Selalu :D

Harap Maklum.

Team Teknikal UTDC Hosting

19th Mei 2007
PHP Version Upgrade

To All Our Valued &'s Hosting Customer (Linux Package User only) Please be informed that we are going to upgrade our PHP version from 4.4.x to 5.2.x on the 20/05/2007 at exactly 11:00AM, it will only involves linux package user, most probably there will be some interruption to the script ... Baca Lagi »

17th Mei 2007
Affiliate Program!

Join our affiliate program and start earning money for every sale you send our way!  Simply create your account, place your linking code into your website and watch your account balance grow as your visitors become our customers.

16th Mei 2007
UTDC New Billing System is ALIVE!

UTDC New Billing System is ALIVE! we hope we could serve our client better..

9th Mei 2007
Great Savings With UTDC Web Hosting Packages...

Starting from this Mei, we welcome our new customers to enjoy our great rebates for the needs of online activities. Get as low as RM50/Year for 300MB Storage, 10GB Bandwidth and many more features. All account will be hosted in TM Datacenter CyberJaya, Malaysia.

9th Mei 2007